Mandate Costs

I. In those cases where I act as your consultant, without representing your case to others, we would agree to a fee arrangement. Lump-sum fees, as well as invoices according to hourly expenditures with an upper limit, are possible. I will explain this to you in detail during our first consultation.

II.1. Attorneys’ fees are regulated by the statute on Attorneys’ Fees (Recht-sanwaltvergütungsgesetz, RVG) for those cases where I represent you in court or to other persons, with whom you are having a dispute. The statute contains a catalog of fees, according to which I generally render my accounts for actions and other representative activities.

The amount of any fees is calculated based on the factors of the amount in dispute and the statute based fee percentage.  Negotiating the value of the dispute (the first factor) may only be presented by concrete examples due to the diverse possibilities. The statute assigns a specific fee amount to each disputed value.

The fee rate (second factor) for the fee calculation according to the fee catalog results from the difficulty of the matter in the legal sense, however, also showing regard for the necessary expenditures.

A lump-sum fee for communication and correspondence (of max. 20€) is also added, as well as the VAT (19%).

II.2. Additionally, any court proceedings add court expenses to the attorneys’ fees and, in as much as the opposing side is also legally represented, their attorneys’ fees as well.