US Law and cross border matters

German-US-American   -   US-American-German

Legal matters abroad, like a foreign bank account, an oversea estate or real property are often enough to much of a challenge for clients to handle by themselves. You may lack the country´s language or may at least not speak and understand the language enough to  deal with legal matters or bureaucracy.  I am happy to counsel and  assist you with both, legal opportunities and actually necessary steps. If legal assistance is not an issue, I will offer you cross-border legal communication with authorities and the opposite party of the case.

I am happy to represent US-Americans who have to deal with legal issues in Germany. That may include inheritance cases, tort cases, like accidents or slip and fall and other civil law cases.

As you may know, in the United States of America attorneys are admitted by the States in order to be allowed to represent a client in that state. To be able to represent a client in a non-admitted state, lawyers usually associate with a lawyer who is admitted to that state bar. Thus, if necessary I work with US lawyers, who are admitted to the state, where the case needs to be dealt with. A local and state admitted lawyer is necessary, e.g. for cases before a court, to give advise in state specific matters or whenever an authority refuses to accept the non admitted foreign lawyer.

My clients live in Germany, the United States or elsewhere. I mostly communicate via email. However, for clients living in the US I may be reached through my New York located voice over IP phone number, which I can use with my computer. At the least you will reach my mailbox at any time for normal landline expenses to New York, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.