German Copyright Law

Copyright law protects the creator of a work of literature, science or art against unauthorized economic exploitation of their creative services and against infringement of their notional interests in the work (Hans-Peter-Hillig, copyright and publishing law, 2003).

I. If you write a book or even only individual texts, for example, or de-velop a computer program, design a website, create visual art and would like to be publicized, or others should do this as a job for you, then you need a contract to grant or receive grants of rights of usage (licenses).
Every detail of a copyright license contract is important. On the one hand, all license rights must be considered in detail and listed. On the other hand, regulations, which might lead to unexpected compensation claims in the future or even invalidate the entire contract, must be avoided.

I will gladly draft for you a contract, or, for comparable future contracts, general terms and conditions corresponding to your needs without losing sight of the generally accepted principles.

II. Have you already been creatively active and are only just noticing that someone has copied your work? Have you found plagiarism of your crea-tive efforts on the Internet or published elsewhere?

Under certain conditions, you can defend yourself by means of notices and injunctions and demand compensatory damages for the lost revenue, which you did not receive.

If you would like to know which legal options are available to you, which fees you should expect and how the prospects of success should be evalu-ated, please make an appointment for consultation. On this basis, you have the ability to decide whether you would like to continue to consult with me, or delegate your representation to me (man-date).