Civil and Corporate Law

I gladly advise and represent you in the areas of:

Sales Deficiency Law

When, for example, questions arise regarding deficiencies of items bought, warranties, guaranties, rescissions, reductions or compensation

Contract for Work and Services Law

When, for example, questions arise regarding work and services of car-penters or acceptance obligations

Contract Law

For example, drafting of contracts or general terms and conditions, ques-tions of validity, revocability and termination of contracts, or individual contract clauses.

Damages Law

When, for example, compensation or claims for pain and suffering due to bodily harm, property damages, libel, slander or defamation
and other areas of general civil law

Should your case not be able to be classified under these, contact me. I will gladly inform if I can take your case.
If you would like to know which legal options are available to you, which fees you should expect and how the prospects of success should be evalu-ated, please make an appointment for consultation. On this basis, you have the ability to decide whether you would like to continue to consult with me, or delegate your representation to me (mandate).

Prior to the issuance of the mandate, your costs are limited without risk to my fees for the initial consultation performed.